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Yachting Gives Back

“The yachting industry is surrounded by incredible luxury and it’s very easy to forget that people are struggling right on our doorstep!”

The superyachts, luxury villas and performance cars hide an altogether less becoming side of the Balearics, and that’s poverty. According to the Balearic branch of the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN), almost 25% of the Islands’ population, around 276,000 people, is at risk of social exclusion – and that figure is rising. Yachting Gives Back, a concept founded by GYG’s Nick Entwisle, hopes to help close the stark disparity between rich and poor.

After 27 years running the annual Pinmar Yachtsman’s Golf Tournament, Nick will retired from GYG in May 2019 yet keen to stay involved in the yachting community and be more hands-on in his charitable endeavours. Nick is using his extensive industry contracts to enlist support for his Yachting Gives Back initiative. He has already secured the commitment of Pinmar Supply and is looking for others to get onboard.

“The yachting industry is surrounded by incredible luxury and it’s very easy to forget that people are struggling right on our doorstep,” says Nick. “Employment in the Balearics is often seasonal and low-paid, making it hard for people to pay rent as well as put food on the table. EAPN says that 87,000 people, 7.8% of the Balearic population, survive on just 355 euros per month. Whether yacht crew or service businesses, we are fortunate to make our living from some of the wealthiest people on the planet and are therefore in a position where we can easily give something back to this beautiful island community we call home.”

Yachting Gives Back plans to work with several local charities, including Shambhala Fundación which works with vulnerable young people, and Associació Tardor and Mallorca Sense Fam (Mallorca Without Hunger) who both deliver foodstuffs to those in need. Currently much of this food is sourced from Mallorca’s Banco de Alimentos (Food Bank) which itself plans to collect 1,400,000kg of food this year to help the 20,000 or more workers or retirees who cannot make ends meet.  


Tracey Miller, General Manager of Pinmar Supply, commented, “I think Yachting Gives Back is a fantastic initiative and one that Pinmar Supply is delighted to partner. We plan to collaborate with our wide network of yachting customers and fellow industry service companies to put together a huge food-raising drive. Customers can take cardboard boxes from our Pinmar Supply outlets, including our delivery vans, and fill them with foodstuffs, hygiene products and other useful items. 

We will also deliver boxes to local businesses. When they’re full, Nick and his team will be happy to collect them. The plan is to run three campaigns a year - Easter, end of summer season and Christmas – although, of course, we will be very happy to collect donations at any time.”

Yacht catering and provisioning company Delicioso has also lent its support to Yachting Gives Back. It will offer its clients the opportunity to add a contribution to their orders and then deliver the donation directly to us - with 20% more food given by Delicioso themselves.

Yachting Gives Back is asking for non-perishables such as pasta, rice, flour, tinned vegetables, milk, fruit juice and pasta sauces, alongside hygiene products like shampoo, soap and toothbrushes.   

Thank You!

I want to thank all those who have kindly given their support to YGB:

Tracey Miller general manager of Pinmar Supply and the rest of the senior management of GYG-Pinmar for agreeing to be our principal partner, helping to supply and distribute the food boxes and also providing warehouse space and to Jules Wilson of Pinmar Supply’s STP shop for her heroic efforts on our behalf.

Helen Richards of Deli-Delicioso for her generous support as our co-sponsor.

Sarah Forge of for her great help in getting it started, writing our initial press release, setting up the Facebook page and, most of all, for providing a great name for our campaign.

Ian Douglas of Pinmar - GYG’s wonderful Marketing Manager and design guru - for our beautiful logo.

Paddy Pigden and Dennis Moshofsky for delivering and collecting boxes in the marinas.

Louise Balfour, for taking over and developing the FB page, taking photos, writing posts and being an all-round organizational wizard.  

And finally a very big thank you to Dave Dempsey of Superyacht Radio for kindly inviting Helen Richards and me to do an interview with him when we launched Yachting Gives Bank which you can listen to below and also for his invaluable offer to design and build this website. 

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